Bob Heavers

Let’s take a small trip down Bob Heavers’ path of life. Bob was born in Minnesota before his family migrated to Littleton and then Montrose, Colorado, by the time he was in seventh grade. Bob loved growing up in a small town and can never remember being bored. Bob’s early career was with Coors and, eventually, he was running distributorships. After losing his spouse to cancer when their children were very young (almost 4, 7 and 9), Bob moved back to Colorado to be closer to family. Single-parenting has been as full of blessings as challenges. Bob’s kids have taught him so much about unconditional love and the importance of transparency. Bob and his children love each other well and see each other very often – always a special treat for Bob.

Bob’s 14-year-old plays a lot of baseball, does well in school and is already miles ahead of him with technology. Bob spends time with some of the most amazing friends and enjoys golf as well as an occasional game of racquetball. Helping people is a special privilege, and Bob believes every family deserves to own “a home of their own.” It’s a great source of pride, the brightest spot in the “American dream” and helps people build net worth. Homeownership is also great for neighborhoods, boosts the economy, and creates more jobs.

Bob thanks God for the person who taught him that “nobody is smarter than everybody,” and that team trumps talent in most circumstances. At Fairway, Bob is surrounded by support and wonderful team members, each dedicated to “finding a way, doing things right and doing it fast.” As a mortgage professional, Bob has been able to pull his life experiences forward with him in order to provide a valuable service to each and every customer he comes across. It is this kind of support that helps Bob continually grow and achieve the success and satisfaction he has found in the industry.e success and satisfaction I have found in the industry.